Vision & Mission

To be the HALAL food provider in all our chosen markets both within and outside Malaysia

To achieve our vision/goal we are committed to be highly resilient in overcoming all challenges that may come up from time to time in whatsoever form and manner and our Mission Statement outlines the guiding principles that our Company must adhere to at all times to be successful in our quest.

To achieve the above the Company is committed to do the following:

Ensure compliance with HALAL and food safety good practices in all its production processes or operations at all times.

Be sensitive and responsive to customers needs to ensure customer satisfaction as customer is the reason why we are in business.

Providing a good conducive working environment in order to promote a high level of performance by our people.

Investing in our people, products and production processes to keep up with changing market needs and trends for continuous improvement.

Strive to be better always in all fronts and in whatsover manner by embracing continuous improvement and quality policy so that we can remain sustainable in the long term delivering our promise to provide a supply of high quality, safe HALAL food products to our customers

To produce and supply high quality and safe HALAL food products with good value so that our customers can consume with confidence and thus winning customer satisfaction”.

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