Oyster Flavoured Sauce


Our fresh oyster essence can accentuate dishes and recipes. Our oyster flavoured sauce gives you an authentic flavor that will present the original flavor of oyster non than others. No substitutions have been used other than fresh oyster essence. Our oyster flavoured sauce claims to be one of the best sellers in town.

Certified HALAL Products

Oyster Flavoured Sauce Refill Bag 1kg

Net Weight Per Unit: 1kg
Per Carton: 12 units
Carton Weight: 12kg
Carton Size (cm): L 36 X W 22 X H 17.2

Oyster Flavoured Sauce 305g

Net Weight Per Unit: 305g
Per Carton: 24 units
Carton Weight: 13kg
Carton Size (cm): L 36.6 X W 24.13 X H 21.5

Oyster Flavoured Sauce 1kg

Net Weight Per Unit: 1kg
Per Carton: 6 units
Carton Weight: 6.6kg
Carton Size (cm): L 32 X W 21.84 X H 20.32

Oyster Flavoured Sauce 4.5kg

Gross Weight Per Unit: 4.5kg
Per Carton: 6 units
Carton Weight: 27kg
Carton Size (cm): L 41.27 X W 31.12 X H 30.48

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