Artificial White Vinegar


White Vinegar is well-known for its brining technology and meanwhile our white vinegar is the key ingredient for making pickles like cucumber pickles, or papaya pickles. We strictly control the PH level of our white vinegar to balance the sourness of food to not ruin the freshness and taste of it.

Certified HALAL Products

Artificial White Vinegar 296g

Net Weight Per Unit: 296g
Per Carton: 24 units
Carton Weight: 7.8kg
Carton Size (cm): L 34.9 X W 22.86 X H 22.4

Artificial White Vinegar 560g

Net Weight Per Unit: 560g
Per Carton: 12 units
Carton Weight: 7.3kg
Carton Size (cm): L 28.96 X W 20.96 X H 26.67

Artificial White Vinegar 1kg

Net Weight Per Unit: 1kg
Per Carton: 6 units
Carton Weight: 6.6kg
Carton Size (cm):
L 32 X W 21.84 X H 20.32

Artificial White Vinegar 4.5kg

Gross Weight Per Unit: 4.5kg
Per Carton: 6 units
Carton Weight: 27kg
Carton Size (cm):
L 41.27 X W 31.12 X H 30.48

Artificial White Vinegar 30kg

Gross Weight Per Unit: 30kg
Per Carton: N/A
Carton Weight: N/A
Carton Size: N/A

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